Blockchain WREP certifica la proprietà intellettuale dei web reporter

As Fulvio Sarzana published: “The convergence between television, new technologies and telecommunications has led to the birth of a new ‘right’ “( Il Sole 24 Ore). Thanks to the legal value attributed by the simplification bill since February 2019 it is possible to certify the intellectual property on all the artefacts or artefacts created and …


Photojournalism is the form of journalism that employs images to tell a story. Usually refers only to still images, but more and more the term also refers to the video used in television journalism, the so-called Videogame. Photojournalism distinguishes itself from other branches of photography, such as documentary photography, social documentary photography, street photography or …

Citizen Journalism

The concept of citizen journalism is based on citizens “who play an active role in the process of collecting, communicating, analyzing and disseminating news and information”.

Libertà di Espressione e di “Stampa”

The latest Reporters sans Frontières ranking on freedom of the press shows that Italy has jumped from 77th place in 2016 to 52nd place in 2017. Despite the ascent, the level of assistance given to reporters is worrying and that especially on the web bloggers suffer “pressure from politicians and increasingly opt for self-censorship”.

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