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Press freedom is a right that every rule of law, together with the media (newspapers, radios, televisions, internet providers) should guarantee to citizens and their associations, to ensure the existence of freedom of speech and press free, with a series of mainly extended rights. (Wikipedia)



The WREP Registry was established in Germany in 2018 as a declination of the Blockchain European Partnership Agreement (EBP), supporting the provision of cross-border digital services with the highest standards of security and privacy.

The WREP Register allows subscribers to make a legal deposit on digital publishing products using blockchain technology, effectively protecting the copyright of those who publish information content online.

Considering the technical characteristics of the blockchain, with Law Decree 135/2018 it is recognised as one of the technologies based on distributed registers and as such can produce the legal effects recognised to electronic time validation.

The blockchain allows to protect intellectual property rights thanks to its intrinsic characteristics of transparency, security, unchangeability, traceability of data information and transactions.

The protection through blockchain is therefore equivalent to a notarial deed.


The Wrep blockchain allows the creation of NFTs that can be traded for free in the NFT.WREP.EU marketplace.


The WREP Registry protects:

Texts of any kind
Images (illustrations, photographs, infographics)
Complex web pages
Each work, in order to be registered and certified on WREP, must necessarily be published on the web and accessible via a url.
It is the responsibility of the member to register and certify his own works, as WREP is not obliged to verify the intellectual property and authenticity of the registered contents.


Belonging to an authoritative organisation able to define guidelines and updates for professionals who use innovative tools and technologies in carrying out their activities
Support to the copyright guarantee to protect your publications with certification of the name, certain date and time of publication, thanks to the application of blockchain technology.
Media Reporter Certificate
Participation in courses, exclusive events and in-depth studies on topics related to the role of web reporters and freedom of the press.
Right to purchase the Media Reporter Kit WREP – (virtual card and physical cards) with internationally valid WREP identification cards, to be shown in the course of the profession in order to be accredited as a Reporter
Possibility to certify in blockchain private documents (visible only to the user) or public documents (visible also to external parties with certification details). On each document appears a certification stamp and a certain date on opening. The same header is added at the end of the document.
Certification is also possible in the public bitcoin network. In this case the user is responsible only for the fees in force for transactions in the bitcoin network, at cost and without any recharging.

As a further guarantee of our members, we have involved established international journalists, who have welcomed the initiative with interest and are among the promoters of the Association Web Press Media Reporter A.P.S. for the diffusion of the WRep Register, in order to offer support, recognition and membership to many professionals who represent the new online journalism in the world.



For Italy, registrations in the WREP Register are managed exclusively and continuously by the Associazione Web Press Media Reporter APS (WPMR).
WPMR, WREP subsidiary for Italy, is a Social Promotion Association whose main objective is the protection and promotion of press freedom.
WPMR’s activities also include
the organisation of promotional events, such as meetings and conferences, with the aim of encouraging a free and independent press;
the organisation of courses and seminars on information, new technologies and journalism.
WPMR selects candidates at the preliminary stage and, if their profile is deemed suitable, qualifies them for the admission test (not mandatory for media reporters and journalists already accredited by other bodies).
If the candidate passes the exam, he or she will have to pay the annual membership fee and can therefore be entered in the WREP Register, which will guarantee the free blockchain certification service for content published online.
The Association is also authorised by WREP to distribute the optional Media Reporter Kit, including personalised cards.

In short, the Association:

Select the candidates by initial investigation (profile and cv)
Process the examination material;
Enables candidates who pass the entrance examination to take the test
Evaluate the results of the admission tests
Resolves admissions;
Receives membership fees;
Distributes the Media Reporter Kit on behalf of WREP, including the WREP card, after passing the admission test.



The WPMR annual membership fee, to be paid after passing the first preparatory phase and the admission test, is currently set at € 50.00.
Examination costs (test – assessment – diploma) including
Free content blockchain certification (texts, photos, videos)


Media Reporter Kit:
Virtual card delivered immediately € 25 (to be subtracted from the amount of any physical cards purchased later)
1 Horizontal physical identification card (optional) € 150.00
2 Horizontal and vertical physical identification cards (for video reporters) € 200.00



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WREP - Web Reporter & Creator EU Registry