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A company that has been involved in Blockchain technology since its inception and over the years. We have focused on the potential uses and innovations it enables through decentralized ledgers and the certification of digital entities or objects. We have resisted the speculations fueled by the many promises of the cryptocurrency world because we know that creating “Crypto-Coin” consumes a significant amount of resources, and it’s challenging to create a mechanism where only a few accumulate a lot, a distortion that, even though pursued by many, brings little stability.

We created the first Blockchain for civil use, unconnected to finance. We explored collaborative aspects, the possibility for diverse companies and communities to create a unified pool that maximizes exchange and interoperability.

For these reasons, we founded the first Social Blockchain Business Network (SBBN), with a model that allows those who want to develop or implement their business using blockchain potential to do so at a low cost and incredibly short time-to-market.

Wrep Media Company, with its exclusive SBBN Business Club, is effectively a hub for blockchain services. Through incentive mechanisms and profit-sharing, we aim to grow the network by selecting the areas of interest to involve more.

We select partners from the most innovative and young companies to ensure the right energy and adaptability for each node. Our ecosystem is growing rapidly: we have active projects in Agrifood, NFT, Artificial Intelligence, source certification, and rights protection for Web Reporters and Creators in Europe. For example, there’s a node working on interoperability with the public administration, an insurance node, a legal node, a node in security, maritime, nodes dedicated to crowdfunding, charity, street art, music, ticketing, and so on.

The WREP.EU network is present in various fields, and we are constantly expanding with new nodes and services. We conduct research and development in the “smart-contract” and NFT space, creating services that allow minting and transferring smart contracts without fees and without the mandatory use of any cryptocurrency. Just think that transferring money via digital coins has a transaction cost even when you want to make a donation, whereas transferring using our systems is always free, as there are no costs for transfers, e.g. using IBAN or for donations.

Our goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem in which internal service exchange is so convenient that it ensures full sustainability and savings for all network participants.


WREP - Web Reporter & Creator EU Registry