A company dealing with Blockchain since the early days of this technology and over the years . We focused on the possible uses and innovations it allowed through decentralization of ledgers and certification of digital entities or objects.
We resisted the dulcet siren song of cryptocurrencies because we know that in the creation of “Crypto-Coin” there is a huge consumption of resources and it is difficult to create a mechanism in which it is not a few who accumulate a lot, a distortion that while pursued by many brings little stability.

We created the first Blockchain for civilian use and not related to Finance.
We investigated the collaborative aspects, the possibility for different societies and communities to create a single pool in which to facilitate maximum exchange and THE interoperability.

We are just as excited about blockchain technology as we were in its earliest days — we’re just better equipped for its current challenges. We have built a platform that distributes profit fairly, with no need for miners or proof of work. By harnessing the power of decentralized ledger technology, we have created a sophisticated system to reduce your costs and help you grow sales.
What does the future hold? As quickly as this technology is evolving, it is still new — there are boundless possibilities for innovation, especially in media and entertainment industries. We see huge potential to improve efficiency and create entirely new revenue streams that benefit all involved parties: brokers, advertisers, publishers and consumers alike.

For these reasons, we founded the first Social Blockchain Business Network Blockchain (SBBN), with a model that allows those who want to develop or implement their business with the potential of blockchain to do so at a low cost and by becoming a hub of blockchain services for their clients. With incentive and profit-sharing mechanisms, we try to grow the network by selecting areas of interest to be more involved.
We select partners from among the most innovative and young companies to ensure the right energy and adaptability at each node.
Our ecosystem is growing rapidly: we have active projects on Agrifood, on blockchain online voting systems, on certification of sources and protection of rights for webreporters in Europe, there is a node working on interoperability with public administration, an insurance node, a legal node, a node in Security, Nautica, nodes dealing with crowdfunding, charity, street art and music, ticketing… and so on .

The WREP:EU network is present on several areas and we are expanding more nodes and new services every week.  We have done several experiments in the area of NFTs by creating services that allow minting and transfer of smartcontracts without fees and without compulsory use of cryptocurrency.

Our goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem in which the exchange of internal services is so convenient as to ensure full sustainability and savings for all participants in the Network.


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