WREP launches an innovative social blockchain business network

The WREP Media Company launched its innovative blockchain-based network for social notarization and certification. The initiative is part of WREP’s broader strategy to encourage a more sustainable blockchain ecosystem for everyone.

What is the social blockchain initiative?

This new initiative uses the power of blockchain technology to create a more fair, transparent, and secure society, and to connect individuals and the world around them.

In order to implement the initiative, two components are required: a certification framework, and a social blockchain platform. Business and individuals can engage more effectively and safely in the certification process using best practices. The WREP platform will allow participants to certify, store, and trade intellectual property in a secure manner.

By adding new layers of security and simplicity, this project has the potential to revolutionize our interactions with bureaucracy.

What is the WREP certification system?

By establishing a certification framework, WREP is able to ensure that only qualified business units can join our club network and their best practices can be protected.

How does this benefit businesses, organisations and consumers?
The WREP social blockchain initiative is the most effective, simple way for businesses and consumers to interact freely through NFTs, certified tokens, minting digital assets, and all that the blockchain technology can offer for democratized employment.

The initiative is fully sustainable environmentally, as it avoids energy inefficiencies when creating gocrypto coins or speculative assets.

At this time, the organisations that take part of this business network have new opportunities to create products that will be part of our future, and that will guarantee strong added value.

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