The  Web Press Media Reporter Association has received the exclusive mandatefor in the whole Italian territory about the formation and selection of applications for registration in the  of Web Reporter WREP.EU Register

Italian citizens and residents can contact the Association to have a support plan to become a Web Reporter officially recognized by WREP.

All the Wrep Reporters  has the exclusive service of Link Contents Certification exclusively through Blockchain technology and the possibility to request International Wrep Reporter identification cards.

The Italian Simplification Decree of 2019 introduces the normative definition of technologies based on distributed registers (blockchain) and smart contracts. The decree also provides that the storage of an electronic document through the use of technologies based on distributed registers produces the legal effects of electronic time validation. The identification of a precise legal framework, together with the European provisions on anti-money laundering and the reports published by the Bank of Italy, favors the general acceptance of cryptoactivity and the development of new business activities … Following the conversion of the Simplification Decree 2019, the definitions of Distributed Ledger Technology (or the technology behind the Blockchain) and smart contract are law. Therefore, the identification of a precise legal framework – together with the provisions on anti-money laundering (EU) and the reports published by the Bank of Italy – seems to have led to the general acceptance of crypto phenomena with full respect for the freedoms of the individual and of the global technological progress. In addition, despite the perceived digital nature of cryptoactivity, it appears useful to point out that the diffusion of the various cases has led (and will lead to) the emergence of new economic activities organized – also in the form of an enterprise – by configuring, in fact, a potential relevance both from a legal and tax point of view. (IPSOA SOURCE)


Web Press Media Reporter APS is a free association of cultural promotion, devoted to the particular intent to favor freedom of expression and information, as well as to exalt critical and creative thinking, as primary elements of well-being and social progress. It intends to create new tools for the protection and dissemination of content, above all by exploiting the possibilities offered by the digital revolution, which guarantee wider and more democratic access to culture. Recognizing the cultural capacity of the individual as an impulse for personal fulfillment and a contribution to identification and social growth , the Web Press Media Reporter APS proposes the dissemination with every means, of an increasingly conscious, plural and structured thought. As a foundation of certainty in the mechanism of information, the association first establishes a register in Blockchain technology (ddl simplificazione febb. 2019), as a guarantee of protection of intellectual property for professionals operating in the media sector. This new tool will be able to intervene with the cross-border force connected to the affirmation of telematic standards, giving the shareholders a safeguard that overcomes the different provisions of the single nation on the diffusion of works and protection of copyright.