Wrep Web Reporter, identity recognition card
Wrep Web Reporter, identity recognition card

Wrep Web Reporter, identity recognition card

International WREP Wrep Reporter Card

Reporting and storytelling  has existed in any form since the birth of man. It may have evolved over time, but the dissemination of information has remained an important aspect of our lives. We have always been interested in learning new information and at the same time knowing what is happening in the world and how things are unfolding.

Wrep Web Reporters are not journalists, but are Creators, Prosumers and Communication Creatives who work on the Internet using only modern media.

Web Reporters are independent, free to act and do not necessarily belong to a national roll. All registered, validated and certified Wrep Web Reporters are protected through the Wrep blockchain.

For this purpose, Web Reporters have to move in different fields in search of information. For this, they sometimes need a Wrep Web Reporter badge document, so that they can prove their membership in the best possible way.

WREP badges are issued in Germany exclusively to Web Reporters and Content Creators who have passed the admission test and inquiry in order to be enrolled in the EU WREP Web Reporter Registry, which uses the exclusive Blockchain technology developed by Wrep Media Company UG for civil and non-financial use.
Web Reporters and Creators who receive the Wrep Badge of Recognition can take something professional and worthy of their business with them.

Tesserino – Badge di riconoscimento Web Reporter WREP

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