Web Reporter a prosumer passion
Web Reporter a prosumer passion

Web Reporter a prosumer passion

Being a Web Reporter is a passion but also a vocation. Reporting is a need even before being a job.
Journalism especially in italy shows its limits in individualism, in the difficulty of peer-to-peer confrontation as it happens in science, in the control of an authority that decides who can report. The natural evolution of information compulsorily follows the technological evolution and the infinite opportunities of the web. This is the already charted direction of modern information.


Card – WREP Web Reporter Recognition Badge.

The Web and the communication technologies that enable “everyone-to-everyone” communication have greatly expanded the channels in which a piece of information pertains to the “consumer” and in many respects facilitated in practice the possibility of expressing one’s own idea, but the same aspects make the Web a wilderness in which discriminating the validity of information and sources is increasingly difficult, and above all, what is realized and shared risks being incorporated into the media stream to the point of making its provenance, authorship and in short, intellectual property indistinguishable.
The search for the “news,” careful verification work, and the processing of the information gathered and then told with one’s own stylistic flair. The expertise and responsibility arising from the fact that information influences common sense and society.

This must be put on the table by anyone who decides to become a Web Reporter along with a strong motivation, the deontology to which this activity obliges and the courage to expose oneself along with what is being told.
It applies to anyone who creates a work , any artistic and creative expression.

What the Wrep EU Web Reporter Registry does every day is to provide exclusive and useful tools at every stage of the realization of the work.
Becoming part of WREP means joining a community whose basic ethical values you accept and recognize as your own, being recognized as a eu web reporter.
But what really makes the difference is that the WREP Web Reporter Registry allows you to certify free of charge, to affix, with a legal deposit to digital publishing products via blockchain technology, effectively protecting the copyright of those who publish informational content online including through NFT.

To enroll, you must pass an online admission test. The test is short, lasting just 5 minutes, and is indicative of whether you are eligible to join the large team of WREP Italian Web Reporters.

Enrollment link: https://reporter.wrep.eu

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