WREP - Web Reporter & Creator EU Registry



What is WREP

  • WREP is the EUROPEAN WEB REPORTER REGISTER (or reporter for new media)
  • WREP is a German “entity”

What WREP does

  • Maintains a WEB REPORTER log
  • Allows registrants to affix a “legal deposit to digital editorial products via blockchain technology”
  • Optionally delivers a “web reporter kit” to subscribers, including a personalized WREP card
  • Allows public (optional) indexing of protected content
  • … and much more

How to become a member of WREP

  • WREP does not allow you to register directly.
  • It is possible to register in the register – passing the admission exam – via a subsidiary of WREP.
  • For Italy, registrations are managed by the Web Press Media Reporter APS (WPMR).
  • The affiliate will allow to pay the admission fee and, once passed the exam, will register the member in the register.
  • Each subsidiary will process and manage the admission exam for the country to which it belongs
  • The subsidiary will also be authorized to provide the optional “web reporter kit”, including the personalized card

What types of works are protected

A) Works that the author made public with an online publication.
Each work must necessarily be displayed on the web and reachable via a url.

  • Texts of any kind
  • Images (illustrations, photographs, infographics)
  • Complex web pages

B) Works that the author does not yet want to disclose publicly

  • Texts written in a file
  • Screenplays
  • Books
  • Photos
  • Audio
  • Video
  • various and possible on files



The WREP certification is the only one authorized to certify on double Blockchain. Authors registered to WREP can count on the possibility to have the certification on private and public Blockchain Registry.

How much WREP services cost

  • The cost of the exam is paid to the subsidiary and depends on the subsidiary in the country where you register.
  • The annual membership fee is currently set at € 50 and by right:
    • To register as a web reporter
    • Protection (for now in unlimited number) of digital works
  • The “web reporter kit” including a card is paid at a one-off cost

How does the protection work?

  1. The WREP member submits a link in which a work is published (text and /or images).
  2. WREP converts the content of the link into a static image that will be preserved and can be consulted in the WREP archives.
  3. A “unique identification number of the work” is generated from the image.
  4. This number is generated through an internationally recognized algorithm, and uniquely identifies the content of the image.
  5. Only that image through the algorithm is able to generate the unique code. This mechanism unmistakably associates the code with the image.
  6. The unique code is subsequently attributed to the author through “blockchain” technology, legally recognized in Italy.
  7. Blockchain protection is equivalent to a notarial deed, which certifies the date of attribution to the author of the unique code.
  8. The member is responsible for protecting works that are actually his intellectual property, and WREP does not carry out any checks in this regard.



WREP members can always associate their identity to articles and information; the date is certain, the origin and with objective feedback:

the name of the author and if desired also his email, his number, social profiles : ex “Signed By Name Surname (email…etc..). Automatically is associated with a hash-code that uniquely identifies the registration in the blockchain giving the subscriber a simple code to copy and paste, so that you always make queries to BlockChain.

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What is WPMR

WPMR is a Social Promotion Association, whose main objective is the protection and promotion of press freedom.

Main WPMR Activities

  • Events for promotion and dissemination with the aim of encouraging a free and independent press
  • Courses and seminars on information, new technologies, journalism
  • WREP subsidiary for Italy

WPMR as a subsidiary of WREP

  • WPMR is the exclusive subsidiary for Italy of the WEB REPORTER EUROPEAN REGISTRY
  • Manages WREP affiliations for Italy, specifically
    • Manages the exam material
    • Review the candidates and decide on the admissions
    • Receives membership fees
    • Provides the “web reporter kit”, including the WREP card
WREP - Web Reporter & Creator EU Registry