Cryptocurrency-free NFT. Green Eco-future and Sustainable Finance by Wrep Blockchain Business Network

The WREP Blockchain is a founding part of the WREP Social Blockchain Business Network as well as being fully ecosustainable and green project. The WREP Blockchain network is developed with algorithms and techniques that do not use digital and crypto-coin exchanges and do not consume unnecessary energy.

Since it does not need to have complex algorithms to mine transactions, it can be called a green blockchain.

The Blockchain is ‘ledger based’ and allows the Minting of NFT (Not Fungible Tokens) as well as the transfer of ownership of NFTs, generated Tokens and has the unique feature of allowing interoperability with external Marketplaces such as Rarible and Opensea, currently the two largest public NFT exchange marketplaces in the world.

NFT Ownership Transfer in the Wrep Blockchain can take place through any monetary exchange in Euros, Dollars or any other currency that the seller decides to accept. The decision is up to the seller who, in order to sell or exchange their NFTs, can freely choose whether to receive Euros, Dollars, Gold, any type of currency whether physical or digital or crypto. There is no requirement to own a wallet with Bitcoin or Ethereum or any kind of digital coin.

The WREP Blockchain Network is neither proof-of-work nor proof-of-stake based. It is a permissioned blockchain in which transactions enter the network with the mechanism of consensus, i.e. a number of authoritative organisations or nodes that are part of the network must agree on the entry of data and certifications into the network at the same time.


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