Wrep opens crypto-free NFT Market to the public

Marketplace nft.wrep.eu

The Wrep NFT marketplace is a digital platform dedicated to trading and buying and selling NFTs easily and using any form of payment or free of charge preferred by the user. The Wrep platform based on the Social Blockchain Business Network built by Wrep Media company allows users to deposit, display and sell their NFTs. The Wrep NFT marketplace also allows users to mine, i.e. coin (create), NFTs on the platform itself and transfer them to opensea and/or rarible if required.


(Italiano) Finita l’era del “Giornalismo” spazio ai Web Reporter & Creator

The attempt to rewrite history through this new face of the West is there for all to see. It promotes a lifestyle that eschews the capacity for criticism and insight, leaving room for slogans that only lead to war.
The United Europe is potentially too strong for both ‘allies‘ and ‘alternative‘ competitors.

Scene from the ironic series The Pentavirate by Mike Myers

On both sides, extremism and those voices that ride on fear and doubt are allowed to be the sole voice. It is fed through direct but also indirect funding. Views on social media and the fraction of twits, photos, videos and independently printed books cheaply resold online have now entirely replaced every source of knowledge and shape the consciousness of those who also frequent these circles.
The human brain is quite happy with this package of brief knowledge and is increasingly entrenched in the self-conceit of awareness, just switching from one channel to another like the child does in the chocolate factory and the teenager at the fun fair.
The era of journalism is over,  the information is breathless and has been buried without a funeral.
As democratic citizens we have given and give space to fear and misinformation, the few brain resources have been occupied by the empty sound of the total lack of new and necessary neurological connections. The sources belong to a single group of owners, among them friends or enemies. Any other avenue is now precluded with ample complicity from the ‘counter information’ floating in conspiracy and agnostic and religious faith.
It is for this and other reasons that the Italian association that holds the Wrep EU Registry is being transformed and will be called :
*𝗪𝗲𝗯 𝗥𝗲𝗽𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗲𝗿 & 𝗖𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿*
in order to eliminate even the remotest possibility of correspondence with the concept of journalism, the definition of which is now completely anachronistic.

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Wrep Web Reporter, identity recognition card

International WREP Wrep Reporter Card

Reporting and storytelling  has existed in any form since the birth of man. It may have evolved over time, but the dissemination of information has remained an important aspect of our lives. We have always been interested in learning new information and at the same time knowing what is happening in the world and how things are unfolding.

Wrep Web Reporters are not journalists, but are Creators, Prosumers and Communication Creatives who work on the Internet using only modern media.

Web Reporters are independent, free to act and do not necessarily belong to a national roll. All registered, validated and certified Wrep Web Reporters are protected through the Wrep blockchain.

For this purpose, Web Reporters have to move in different fields in search of information. For this, they sometimes need a Wrep Web Reporter badge document, so that they can prove their membership in the best possible way.

WREP badges are issued in Germany exclusively to Web Reporters and Content Creators who have passed the admission test and inquiry in order to be enrolled in the EU WREP Web Reporter Registry, which uses the exclusive Blockchain technology developed by Wrep Media Company UG for civil and non-financial use.
Web Reporters and Creators who receive the Wrep Badge of Recognition can take something professional and worthy of their business with them.

Tesserino – Badge di riconoscimento Web Reporter WREP

Free NFT for Web Reporters

As a member of the SBBN Social BlockChain Business Network WREP we are pleased to inform you that all Web Reporters duly registered in the EU WREP Registry and certified to the Italian Web Press Media Reporters Association APS, which manages their selection, will be able to create free NFTs from certified documents (NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN) via the Wrep Blockchain node. WREP NFTs are not linked to cryptocurrencies and financial speculation and can be exchanged for the seller’s and buyer’s preferred currency or transferred free of charge and without any fees. They can in any case be transferred through Metamask on sites such as Opensea or Rarible should the Web Reporter really want to enter the world of transactions with Ethereum, thus paying commissions to them, and you will have to own or buy Ethereums by exchanging them in the various online cryptocurrencies that, however, require high commissions, overt or covert, direct or indirect.
Documents can be, for example, photos, videos, print files, pdfs and any other binary format.
In order to stimulate the Blockchain certification of your content we have managed to reduce the cost of uploading documents to the cloud content server by 500% so that now a 500kb document will cost you only one credit (0.10 cents/euro).
To create NFTs, you will need to use the ‘Your documents and NFTs’ menu. Next to the document
you will find the icon for minting an NFT. The system will open a popup and ask you for additional information.
The first time you try to create an NFT you will have to create your identity on the WREP general marketplace. The procedure is automatic so you will not have to leave the reporter site but will only be asked for a password.
We hope you will start using NFTs with the WREP marketplace to grow this model.


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Web Reporter a prosumer passion

Being a Web Reporter is a passion but also a vocation. Reporting is a need even before being a job.
Journalism especially in italy shows its limits in individualism, in the difficulty of peer-to-peer confrontation as it happens in science, in the control of an authority that decides who can report. The natural evolution of information compulsorily follows the technological evolution and the infinite opportunities of the web. This is the already charted direction of modern information.


Card – WREP Web Reporter Recognition Badge.

The Web and the communication technologies that enable “everyone-to-everyone” communication have greatly expanded the channels in which a piece of information pertains to the “consumer” and in many respects facilitated in practice the possibility of expressing one’s own idea, but the same aspects make the Web a wilderness in which discriminating the validity of information and sources is increasingly difficult, and above all, what is realized and shared risks being incorporated into the media stream to the point of making its provenance, authorship and in short, intellectual property indistinguishable.
The search for the “news,” careful verification work, and the processing of the information gathered and then told with one’s own stylistic flair. The expertise and responsibility arising from the fact that information influences common sense and society.

This must be put on the table by anyone who decides to become a Web Reporter along with a strong motivation, the deontology to which this activity obliges and the courage to expose oneself along with what is being told.
It applies to anyone who creates a work , any artistic and creative expression.

What the Wrep EU Web Reporter Registry does every day is to provide exclusive and useful tools at every stage of the realization of the work.
Becoming part of WREP means joining a community whose basic ethical values you accept and recognize as your own, being recognized as a eu web reporter.
But what really makes the difference is that the WREP Web Reporter Registry allows you to certify free of charge, to affix, with a legal deposit to digital publishing products via blockchain technology, effectively protecting the copyright of those who publish informational content online including through NFT.

To enroll, you must pass an online admission test. The test is short, lasting just 5 minutes, and is indicative of whether you are eligible to join the large team of WREP Italian Web Reporters.

Enrollment link: https://reporter.wrep.eu

Cryptocurrency-free NFT. Green Eco-future and Sustainable Finance by Wrep Blockchain Business Network

The WREP Blockchain is a founding part of the WREP Social Blockchain Business Network as well as being fully ecosustainable and green project. The WREP Blockchain network is developed with algorithms and techniques that do not use digital and crypto-coin exchanges and do not consume unnecessary energy.

Since it does not need to have complex algorithms to mine transactions, it can be called a green blockchain.

The Blockchain is ‘ledger based’ and allows the Minting of NFT (Not Fungible Tokens) as well as the transfer of ownership of NFTs, generated Tokens and has the unique feature of allowing interoperability with external Marketplaces such as Rarible and Opensea, currently the two largest public NFT exchange marketplaces in the world.

NFT Ownership Transfer in the Wrep Blockchain can take place through any monetary exchange in Euros, Dollars or any other currency that the seller decides to accept. The decision is up to the seller who, in order to sell or exchange their NFTs, can freely choose whether to receive Euros, Dollars, Gold, any type of currency whether physical or digital or crypto. There is no requirement to own a wallet with Bitcoin or Ethereum or any kind of digital coin.

The WREP Blockchain Network is neither proof-of-work nor proof-of-stake based. It is a permissioned blockchain in which transactions enter the network with the mechanism of consensus, i.e. a number of authoritative organisations or nodes that are part of the network must agree on the entry of data and certifications into the network at the same time.


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WREP Launches First Social Blockchain Certification Framework

WREP Media Company has been working with its partners and collaborators to develop and deploy private blockchain, private and public blockchain-based authentication and certification systems without the mandatory use of cryptocurrency with authentication/certification frameworks based on the WREP Blockchain Network to create and manage NFT transactions on private and public blockchains, as well as web frameworks, devices and applications, and application APIs that support blockchain-based authentication. The company also released My Wills Good Testament on the Apple, Google and Android App Store, the first app to certify wills and video wills.

Il WREP cura l’informazione e partecipa a conferenze democratiche

WREP ha sempre dato molta importanza al giornalismo di qualità, all’informazione e all’integrità. Inoltre, come organizzazione responsabile, WREP presta attenzione alle questioni sociali, politiche ed etiche. I test Covid e i green pass sono tra le questioni da affrontare. Il metodo in vigore non è necessariamente il più etico o efficace per affrontare i problemi causati dalla pandemia. Sono stati molti i cittadini e gli intellettuali che hanno espresso questi dubbi, tra cui il professor Alessandro Barbero.

Organizzare una conferenza implica comunque il rispetto di leggi e regolamenti. I confronti politici o legali dovrebbero avvenire a livello governativo, non tra soggetti che cercano di promuovere il dibattito e lo scambio. Il nostro obiettivo, come entità mediatica, è quindi quello di incoraggiare tutte le attività giornalistiche, culturali e gli eventi, nel rispetto delle leggi locali, statali e nazionali.

In una democrazia, ogni cittadino è incoraggiato a contribuire al miglioramento del quadro giuridico verificandolo e partecipando al dibattito, ma solo nei luoghi appropriati e non al di fuori del loro contesto naturale. Inoltre non dovremmo scoraggiare eventi culturali per esprimere dissenso con leggi che non sono parte del dibattito e sulle quali gli organizzatori non hanno nessun controllo.

MY WILLS, Good Testament. La prima App per certificare le proprie volontà in blockchain

My Wills è una applicazione per creare e certificare i tuoi testamenti e le tue volontà. Puoi utilizzare l’app My Wills per caricare brevi video, foto o i tuoi documenti, questi ultimi solo in formato PDF. Vai sulla sezione (home) della lista dei video e clicca sul pulsante Aggiungi(+) se vuoi fare una prova. Potrai chiedere una doppia certificazione in blockchain (Wrep e Bitcoin) solo dopo aver completato il tuo profilo.

in pubblicazione su iOS App Store di Apple e Android Store Google Play

How to add a “Signature” to your certified articles with blockchain WREP


This mini tutorial offers help to those who have to insert the certified signature of their articles in the Blockchain WREP at the bottom of them, using the WordPress system (the procedure also applies to any other system used).

Copy the HTML code of the signature

Login to https://reporter.wrep.eu and access the LINK CERTIFICATION section. Select the article whose signature is to be taken and click on the [HTML] button. A window similar to this one will open:

Select and copy the code in the grey box with the buttonCTRL+C (or right mouse button + COPY).

Edit article on WordPress

Go to the WordPress article management panel and select the item MODIFY for the article to which you want to add the Blockchain WREP certified signature.

Accessing HTML code

Position yourself on the text of the article and click on CLASSIC EDITOR and then on the 3 vertical dots OTHER OPTIONS and choose MODIFY AS HTML:

A window like this will then open containing all the text of your article:

Position yourself at the bottom of the article and paste the HTML code of the previously copied certified signature by clicking CTRL+V (or right mouse button + PAST):

Article verification

Click on the PREVIEW top button to make sure everything is OK. If everything is ok and you get the following result, you can click on the UPDATE button:

WREP - Web Reporter & Creator EU Registry